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Ni Hao! Welcome to my travel & martial arts website!

My name is Will and I am a practitioner of Kung Fu. For the past decade I have been travelling Asia seeking out, documenting and researching old styles of martial arts. I want to share my training, travel & martial arts research and experiences with you, in the hope I may be able to dispell some myths, and make it more accessible.

Travel & field research

Traveling the length and breadth of Asia to seek out and learn about various styles of martial arts.

Bridging the Cultural Divide

Creating people to people connections and explaining the cultural aspects of the arts.

Filming & documentation

Presenting many different styles of martial arts, many of which shown in the west for the first time.

The Shaolin Heritage

A first-of-its-kind in-depth insight into the old masters of authentic Kung Fu’s lives, skills, and struggles.

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from the metropolis of tianjin to the villages of shanxi and the mosques of luoyang

Journey into the origins of xingyi quan

Follow me as I journey across northern China to trace the origins of one of the most renowned internal martial arts.

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  • This June I traveled to the town of Dengfeng, in Henan Province. Dengfeng is the main town just next to the famed Shaolin Temple. When you say the name Dengfeng, it conjures up images of hundreds of kids in grubby tracksuits jogging around concrete squares, […]

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  • For me, one of the most interesting styles I came across on my Singapore trip was Lau Gar Gow, or Liu Jia Jiao in Mandarin. Lau Gar Gow literally means “the teachings of the Lau family”, and is an extremely rare style of Southern Fist […]

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  •   Ip Man has almost become a household name now, yet even before the film franchise, the majority of people who practiced Wing Chun knew the name. However, there is much more to Wing Chun than just Ip Man, if you have read my previous […]

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The Martial Arts of Southern Shaolin

Follow me and Jesse Enkamp as we explore the southern fist of Fujian province, the origins of Okinawan Karate and Wing Chun.

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