Alright guys! Wanna give you an update on the interview project I’ve been working on! So I’ve got loads of interviews lined up and I’ll give you an ouline of what is already confirmed below, including preparations for my big projects in the villages of northern China.

I’ve just got back from filming the Shaolin series in Henan province, where I visited many village masters who are preserving the old methods. Check out the trailer below! My next series will be focusing on the art of Xingyi Quan, and I will be traveling to Beijing, Tianjin and Shanxi to visit and film the main masters of each major branch of the art. Following that I will visit the town of Cangzhou, which has earned the nickname “martial village” due to it’s high concentration of martial artists. Most of the classical northern styles such as Baji, Pigua, Fanzi, Cuojiao etc are well represented there.

For all of this though, I do need your help! This is an expensive project and I’m funding this fully myself. As I said before, I don’t want to rely on any sponsors, as they will detract from the integrity of what I’m trying to achieve. If you have any spare change, and would like to donate towards this project, you can either become a Patreon supporter, for a small monthly donation of $1-10 (which you can cancel at any time), you can get access to exclusive video content. This will be the most direct way to contribute to the project, and you will be the first to get updates on the project, as well as behind the scenes footage from it. Or you can buy my Jianghu tutorial or merchandise from the shop page on my site.

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CHECK IT OUT! Through my Jianghu project I am now sharing some of the martial arts I have learnt. Our first tutorial is up, Shuai Lu is a rare basic level form taught in the Cui Shou Shan lineage of Taiji Mantis.




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