Friends of Monkey

Below is a list of some friends, fellow martial artists and fellow traveler’s websites. Please check them out and show some love!

Ross The Explorer is a young twenty something from England who blogs about working abroad and national parks in Asia

Seven Crossroads is a Southern California based traveler who loves nerd culture. Burgeoning sandwich enthusiast.

Jetset and Forget follows Gina and Zeke, who are a Personal Trainer and DJ, who quit their conventional jobs and are now traveling and working remotely. They share tips and tricks about living abroad, fitness and destinations.

Nearly Jen is a blog about making travel happen, even when it probably shouldn’t. Traveling as much as she can and planning travel the rest of the time, Jen discusses her adventures, failures, and everything in between as she works towards a freer and more ethical life

The Bag Under the Bed is a travel blog about how it’s possible to travel for cheap. Everybody can explore the world even without being rich. It only takes to be open minded, to plan in advance and to be flexible.

Health Nut Nomad is a resource for people that want to stay fit and healthy while they backpack all over the world. It features amazing recipes, great workout videos, and much more!