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Jiang Hu – Learn Kung Fu With Me

Would you like to be able to learn the Kung Fu that I have spent years searching China for?

Have you ever wished you could learn old or rare styles of Kung Fu? Do you wish you can see realistic and practical fighting applications to Kung Fu forms? Do you want to actually learn the principles of movement, and not just an empty shell? If the answer to any of these is yes, then check out Jiang Hu…

Having spent ten years in China, searching high and low for authentic styles of Kung Fu, unadulterated by the modern era, I have decided to share what I have learnt with the world. I have teamed up with Joshua Viney of Shaolin Yuzhai and created Jiang Hu to create the kind of tutorial videos we wished we had had.

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I know there are a lot of vague tutorials out there which don’t really explain movements. The principles of Shen Fa, or body mechanics are not explained. How to correctly generate power is skipped over completely. Applications are often unrealistic and against huge, telegraphed attacks, where the partner holds their arm out.

For that reason, at Jiang Hu we have worked on trying to create tutorials with a difference. The movements are broken down and explained, from correct body mechanics, to principles of movement and power generation. Applications are only shown if tried and tested by us personally, and we have even included sparring footage for many of the techniques so you can see them in action.

You can find out more about them on our Jiang Hu Vimeo channel here: or see what videos we have released by hovering over the menu above.

Times are changing, and gone are the days when Kung Fu was a dangerous weapon. We no longer need to keep our knowledge hidden behind closed doors, and if we don’t come together as a community and share, Kung Fu will eventually go extinct.

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What Is Jiang Hu?

At Jiang Hu we strive to make high quality videos that showcase the Kung Fu we have learnt during our time in China. We are by no means claiming to be experts, we are just students who love what we do, and want to share what we learn through our journey. This, does however, cost us a lot of time and money. In order to film in high quality, we need top of the range equipment, editing software and locations. Your support will enable us to improve our work, and build something big!

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