Da Tongbei Quan

Tongbei Quan – Shaolin Tutorial from Jiang Hu on Vimeo.

This is an instructional video for the Song mountain Shaolin Kung Fu form “Da Tong Bei Quan”. Da Tong Bei is on of the most popular forms in Shaolin Kung Fu. This set of videos teaches the movements and applications of the form step by step. The form is split into six sections. Each section has a video to teach the movement and a video to teach the application of the movement. There are about 5 hours of video evenly split between form and application.

The instructor is Joshua Viney. Joshua spent over 10 years living in the Shaolin area in China and training Kung-fu in the mountain villages that surround the Shaolin temple. Many of the villages surrounding the temple have maintained a kung fu tradition for centuries and what has been preserved in these family lineages is not to be found anywhere else.

Jiang Hu is an organisation for promoting traditional Kung-fu. The goal is to produce instructional videos that preserve traditional Kung-fu technique from any style. You may find Jiang Hu on youtube. You can learn more about Joshua and his Kung Fu by visiting his youtube channel Shaolin Yuzhai.