Shaolin 13 Hammers

少林十三锤 – 13 Hammers is a traditional kung-fu ‘form’ originating in the Shaolin Temple in China. A form is a moving meditation where an individual imitates the movements of fighting with an opponent. This is an instructional video with an emphasis on the application of technique. The video is two hours long, the first hour teaches the movements of the form clearly and the second hour discusses the practical applications of every technique without leaving any out.

This particular form, 13 hammers, is the first form of the style and is suitable for practitioners of any level. It is originally from the Shaolin Temple in China and is practiced by locals in the area.

The instructor is Joshua Viney. Joshua spent over 10 years living in the Shaolin area in China and training Kung-fu in the mountain villages that surround the Shaolin temple. Many of the villages surrounding the temple have maintained a kung fu tradition for centuries and what has been preserved in these family lineages is not to be found anywhere else. You can find more about him on his Youtube channel Shaolin Yuzhai.