Taiji Mantis Form – Shuai Lu

Shuai Lu – Taiji Mantis Kung Fu Form Tutorial from Jiang Hu on Vimeo.

太极螳螂拳摔捋 – Shuai Lu is a traditional kung-fu ‘form’ originating in the village of Shui Kou in Eastern China. The form has its origins in the almost extince groundfighting system of Shui Kou Men (水口门), or Shui Kou Style, and is the stand up part of the system. It was absorbed in Taiji Mantis as the two styles were traditionally often trained together. A form is a moving meditation where an individual imitates the movements of fighting with an opponent. This is an instructional video with an emphasis on the application of technique. The video is just over one hour long, and teaches both the individual movements, as well as discusses the practical applications of every technique without leaving any out.

This particular form, Shuai Lu, is the first form of the Taiji Mantis system, and is suitable for practitioners of any level.

The instructor is Will Wain-Williams. Will has spent over 10 years living in China, and much of his time has been training Kung-fu in the city of Yantai, which is the home of the Mantis style, and is in Shandong province, a hotbed for some of China’s best Kung Fu. While many styles have modernised or undergone change as they have spread far and wide, here in Shandong province it is possible to find the source, with many styles having remained unchanged and survived the political turmoil of the first half of the twentieth century.

Jiang Hu is an organisation for promoting traditional Kung-fu. The goal is to produce instructional videos that preserve traditional Kung-fu technique from any style. You may find Jiang Hu on youtube. You can learn more about Will and his Kung Fu by visiting his website monkeystealspeach.com