Study Kung Fu in China

“Study Kung Fu in China” is something that is making its way onto more and more people’s bucket kung fu in china For some, its one stop on their world travels, for others its a childhood dream, while for others still its a short trip to improve their own current training. In short, there are now options to suit all tastes; full time Kung Fu schools that provide a tailored experience, or high level masters who only teach a few people at their home. Here I will introduce a few options, while you can read my recent blog post Train Kung Fu in China? Where to Start? to answer some common questions and get an idea about what you may be looking for or check out my Resources for China for help planning your trip.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via facebook at You can also find a lot of listings of schools at Study Martial Arts. Lastly, good luck in finding what you are looking for!