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Book Review: My Journey in Mystic China

The recollections of Jon Blofield, a British man who lived in China before the communist era. I really enjoyed this book, and would give it 4/5. The only reason it loses a point is that I feel he overly romanticised old Chinese society and was unable to see anything bad in it, for example justifying the common use of prositutes and how he felt it made men have a better marriage. Anyway, the book provides an in-depth look at life in a China which doesnt exist any more, Jon was in a unique position as he fully integrated himself into Chinese society, basically becoming a Chinese person. He dressed, spoke and acted like a local, and was a devout Buddhist. Buddhism is also an important component of the book, and several chapters describe his stays in monasteries, pilgrimages to sacred mountains which now are merely tourist destinations and discourses with Zen masters. For anyone interested in how China was, and the nostalgia of this long-gone society, this is a must read in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.

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